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The Fresh Connection Global Challenge

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From April 12 - June 6, 2014

The winner team at Saudi Arabia level will progress automatically to 

The Global Final in Dubai on 19th Sep. 2014

The world winner team will get an executive course in USA 

The Fresh Connection Global Challenge is designed as a yearly competition between company teams. It offers them a challenge and learning experience. Work within your team of four to make the best strategic and tactical choices for the value chain to save the virtual company, "The Fresh Connection", from financial ruin.

Compete against teams from other companies, initially within Saudi Arabia and ultimately globally, to become the Global Challenge World Champion.




Match your value chain team against the world’s best

Every year, The Fresh Connection Global Challenge pits teams from companies in your region and across the globe against each other. It is an ideal opportunity to learn by experience and match your company’s supply chain management skills against the best in the world.

The Fresh Connection Global Challenge uses the same cross-functional format as the in-company learning experience, with teams made up of the same four key disciplines: supply chain, operations, sales, and purchasing. A fifth member may also join the team as ‘coach’.

Teams complete several rounds in which they make strategic and tactical choices. At the end of each round, the sophisticated software behind The Fresh Connection calculates the effects of their decisions and ranks the teams accordingly.

Why you should enter The Fresh Connection Global Challenge

  • Experience the power of true alignment
  • Increase cross-functional knowledge and awareness
  • Develop advanced decision-making skills
  • Learn how to effectively manage trade-offs
  • Gain knowledge of how to put strategy into action through a robust Sales & Operations Planning process
  • See that benefits of collaboration are measurable
  • Learn how to prevent or mitigate risk
  • Build effective teams
  • Achieve national and international recognition
  • Be rewarded for excellence
  • Become The Fresh Connection World Champion

The theme for the 2013 challenge was: Supply Chain Risk Management: Analyze, Prioritize and Mitigate risks, Align and Collaborate

The 2013 edition attracted more than 300 company teams from over 25 countries, amounting to more than 1,500 participants, culminating in the Global Final in Istanbul, Turkey in which ten finalists competed to become The Fresh Connection World Champion.

The theme for 2014 is: Supply Chain strategy segmentation and optimization of the logistic footprint


The Competition Schedule

Qualification Stage:

Attend face-to-face training and participate in 3 rounds. Teams with a positive ROI automatically progress to the Global Challenge.

Second Chance Pool:

Team that do not achieve a positive ROI in the Qualification Stage then join the Second Chance Pool to experience an additional 3 rounds remotely.

Global Challenge:

Qualified teams then experience 3 Global Challenge rounds simultaneously with participants from around the World!

Global Final:

The best performing teams from the Global Challenge then progress to the 2014 Global Final in Dubai.

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