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What is it?

The Fresh Connection is an innovative web-based business simulation and learning game. It engages participants in making strategic decisions in the management of a manufacturing company of fruit juices. Working in teams of four, participants will represent the functional roles of sales, purchasing, supply chain and operations.

They will be confronted with various real-life, real-time dilemmas. Cross-functional understanding and collaboration are key components, as teams work together to turn the company around.

A high-performing supply chain needs the collaboration of team members from across the organization. Tearing down silos and creating the right cross-functional mindset, however, can be a serious challenge.

How it Works?

The Fresh Connection immerses its participants in turning around a manufacturer of fruit juices. Faced with declining performance, the management team must get the company back on track as soon as possible. It is a high-pressure environment in which effective supply chain management is the key to success. The management team has four roles:

VP Purchasing VP Operations VP Supply Chain VP Sales
Responsible for selecting the right suppliers and agreeing SLAs with suppliers, including possible collaboration options Must decide on capacity in warehouses and production areas and approve investment in bottling lines and mixers. Can introduces various improvement projects. Has the abilty to outsource outbound warehousing Manages inventories (safety stock and lotsize settings), production intervals and the frozen period of production Agrees SLAs with customers, manages the product and customer portfolio, forecasts demand and can introduce collaboration concepts


Every decision a participant makes has trade-offs, both within and across roles, so participants will only succeed if they align all the disciplines. As the simulation evolves it becomes clear that a supply chain strategy is essential for success – and that the strategy must be deployed to functional levels and below to be effective. Winning is about generating the best ROI for the business while still managing your own team’s Key Performance Indicators and targets.

The Fresh Connection is designed for any professional who works as part of cross-functional teams along the value chain. This can include:

  • General managers
  • Operations managers
  • Production managers
  • Supply chain managers
  • Logistics managers
  • Warehouse managers
  • Sales/Marketing managers
  • Financial managers
  • Procurement managers/buyers
  • Planners/forecasters



Why The Fresh Connection?

  • Discover how The Fresh Connection can help build true alignment between functions while developing skills and knowledge in the people who need them most.
  • To bridge theory and practical application in a real life environment whilst creating an optimal fit with your learning objectives.
  • Build strong teams and fortify relationships with your customer and partners.
  • To learn through experience, is 10 times more powerful  than a classical training.
  • To experience the power of cross functional alignment:
        • Alignment between departments,
        • Alignment between strategy and execution and
        • Alignment between partners in the supply chain.
  • You can chose from a wide range and combination of delivery methods from class room, to webinars and e-learning and receive training which is in line with your specific time and/or geographical constraints.

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The Fresh Connection Global Challenge

Match your value chain team against the world's best 

Register your team and present your company in a world wide value chain competition

From April 12 - June 6, 2014

The winner team at Saudi Arabia Level will progress automatically to

The Global Final in Dubai on Sep. 19 2014

The world winner team will get an executive course in USA 

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