AX for Manufacturers
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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Manufacturers

As a manufacturer today, you face a challenging and opportunity-rich environment. You must navigate changing demand patterns, manage global complexity, and meet growing sustainability and compliance requirements.


Why choose Microsoft Dynamics AX for the manufacturing industry?

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a powerful, agile, simple solution that enables manufacturing organizations to run and continuously improve your own unique mix of discrete, process, and lean processes, across multiple sites and geographies, on a single unified platform.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is:

Powerful: Purpose-built for the manufacturing industry solution to meet the specific needs of your business

Improve control across make-to-order, make-to-stock and other product processes.

Provide ad hoc, self-service business intelligence and reporting for key manufacturing operations, including pre-built reports from Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

Agile: Helps you respond to changing conditions, correct capacity imbalances, and track sustainability

Configure processes with a graphical workflow editor that helps you identify inefficiencies and optimize performance.

Track waste, water usage, energy consumption, carbon footprint, and related costs with the Environmental Sustainability Dashboard.

Simple: Provides a familiar user experience makes it easy to find, use, and share information

Quick ramp-up for users of all generations with Kanban boards and other visualization tools, and touch-based screens for shop floor workers.

Simplify basic supply chain collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint portals for vendors and customers.

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